C H O R E O G R A P H Y

Real Man

Choreography: Olivia Rowe & Cast, 2020

Performed by Desmond Meyers & Courtney D. Walker

Directed by David Nobles

Music: Desmond Meyers

Makeup & hair: Kevin Thomas


(adj.) having been divided into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups

Impugning perceptions of femininity and strength.

Choreography: Olivia Rowe & Dancers, 2018

Performed by the KSU Dance Company

Dancers: Char Tep, Taylor Wheatley, Ashlyn Macie, Meagan Wade

Lighting Design: David J. Tatu

Costumes: Margot Harris


(n.) a strong, brave, or warlike woman; a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities

Choreography: Olivia Rowe & Dancers, 2019

Performed by The Esthete Collective's Calla Vaughn & Meagan Wade

Featuring guest artists Hannah Buhler & Ashlyn Macie

Hosted by Refuge Dance for 3 Contemporary Project


(adj.) rising in or just before the dawn

An exploration of mental detachment and the importance of community in difficult times. 

Choreography: Olivia Rowe, 2017

Dancers: Ashley Marlin, Carly Walters, Maysa Esto, Tiffany Oltjenbruns, Gracie Jean Joiner

Is time passing, or is it just me?

Created in association with Palette Project, a program of Dance Canvas

Choreography: Olivia Rowe, 2019

Dancers: Calla Vaughn, Meagan Wade, McKenzie Beaverson, Lily Helmly

D A N C E   F O R   F I L M


(n.) a well mind, beautiful thinking

Choreography & Direction: Olivia Rowe, 2018

Dancers: Monika Eisenheim, Nina Eisenheim


Gender roles in ballet are stale and unwavering. Half  experiments removing these restrictions and frees the dancers to explore possibilities. 


Choreography & Direction: Olivia Rowe, 2017

Dancers: Lily Helmly, Taylor Wheatley, Calla Vaughn, William VanMeter

Atlanta Academy of Ballet & Dance

A commercial for local studio focusing on the business's ability to train and nurture the next generation of dancers.


Shot & Directed by: Olivia Rowe, 2019

Dancers: Atlanta Academy of Ballet & Dance

Voiceover: Director and Owner, Susan Beebe

*Performance videos available upon request.